Loco Unlimited Lives [ 100% Working and Verified ]

Loco Unlimited Lives Tricks: Here are the 100% working and verified trick to grab unlimited lives (or life) in Loco. Life is the savior when your answer is wrong. You can use life to save yourself in Loco Quiz Contest.

The Loco Unlimited Life or Lives trick is simple and easy to use on any device. There is a simple and very easy, also the fast, trick or you can say a method.

Many of you might be familiar with half part of this trick but to know the full trick in details, read the below post.

Loco Unlimited Lives Tricks 

Loco Unlimited Lives Tricks 

Loco unlimited Lives trick is 100% working and compatible with every smartphone. You may be heard about the Parallel Space app, we will use it in this trick. Also, we will use some other app. Read more to know about the other apps.

Loco Unlimited Lives Tricks 

How To Get Lives in Loco?

Lives are the savior in the game. Once you give an incorrect answer, you will not eliminate if you have the lives. There are some terms and conditions while using Loco Lives. In Loco, it is very difficult to gain lives, officially,  but it becomes quite easy to generate lives in Loco with this trick.

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Rules To Use Lives in Loco?

  • You can use only one life at a time. In one game session, you are free to use only one life.
  • On the last Quiz, 10th question, you can’t use your lives.
  • Also, you will get one life for giving first 4 correct answers.

Earn Lives in Loco?

  • Refer and Earn Lives in Loco.
  • Refer your friend and get one life.
  • Your friend will get two lives and you will earn one.
  • If you are new, then download Loco App
  • Enter Referral Code-  imsurajsharma
  • Register your mobile number and verify your OTP.
  • You will get 2 Lives on sign up.
  • Play Loco Quiz and Win Real Cash.

How To Get Unlimited Lives in Loco?

Here is the main trick by which you can get Unlimited Lives in Loco.There no any tension of lives. Use this trick and collect unlimited Loco Lives. The trick is working and there is no need to root your device. Many tricks work on rooting but this one does not require any root.As I said the trick is so simple and easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • First Download Loco App.
  • Register your Number. (Must enter your Paytm Number)
  • Enter referral code – imsurajsharma
  • Copy your Referral link and code somewhere on your phone.
  • Download Parallel Space App.
  • Create Clone of Loco App.
  • To create a clone of Loco app, open Parallel Space, and select Loco.

Loco unlimited Lives Tricks

Loco unlimited Lives Tricks

  • Now Open TextNow App and create your account.

Loco unlimited Lives Tricks

  • Enter any random email. It is not necessary to verify the email address. So, you can enter any random email which exists.
  • Now, verify Captcha and click on change Number.
  • Enter 254 in the area code. The 254 is the area code of USA.

Loco unlimited Lives Tricks

  • Then select any number.Copy this fake number.

Loco unlimited Lives Tricks

  • Now, open parallel Space followed by LOCO.
  • Register on LOCO with the fake number which you have generated on TextNow App.
  • Check TextNow App, you will get OTP. Verify your number.
  • Now, enter your main account referral code.
  • Complete the registration process. Once the process will complete, you will get extra lives in your main account and two lives on parallel space’s Loco account.
  • Here is the snapshot of winning quiz contest.

Loco Unlimited Lives Tricks

Note: Given Trick is only for educational purpose only.

What is Loco Live Trivia App?

Loco is a Live Trivia App where you can play the quiz and win Paytm cash. It is simple, on some selected time, they held a quiz contest. There is a total of 10 question. You can use one life at a time in a game. To win the game, you need to answer all the question correctly and quickly. If you win the game, you will get winning amount on your Paytm wallet.

Prize or Winning Amount:

The prize or winning amount based on a number of winners. If the quiz contest prize is Rs-1,00,000 or Rs-1L and the winners are 1000 then each will get Rs-100. They held several contests in a day. You have more chance to win.

How To Redeem Winning Amount?

The redemption process is automatic and easy. The number you entered at the time registration will be used to transfer Paytm cash in your Paytm Wallet. Once you win the game, they will send the winning amount automatically to your Paytm wallet.

Loco Referral Code | Free Lives

Use Loco Referral Code and get two lives on signup. Here is the referral code of Loco. Loco give two lives on signup with a referral code. You can use our referral code to generate free lives. Follow the steps to get free lives on Loco App.

  • First of all, download Loco App
  • Enter This Loco Referral Code-  imsurajsharma
  • Register your mobile number and verify your OTP. (Must enter Paytm KYC Verified number)
  • You will get 2 Lives as a signup bonus.
  • Play Loco Quiz contest and Win Real Paytm Cash.

Loco Refer and Earn Lives

Loco currently offer lives on referring. If you refer your friend then you will get 1 Lives and your friend will get 2 lives. There is no any limitation on referring. You can refer as many as you can. Also, you can refer foreigners.

  • You- You Will get 1 lives per referral
  • Your Friend- Your friend will get 2 lives on signup.

How To Win Loco Quiz?

It is not easy to give all the correct answer all the time. Only a few people able to win the Loco Quiz Contest. There are 3L to 4L people are playing Loco Quiz and only a few of them win the quiz. There are many apps and website proclaim to give an answer of Loco quiz correctly and within the time limit but they all are fake. There are some apps on Play store which give answer via Notification. All such things are fake.

Tips To Win Loco Quiz:

  • Your internet connection Must be fast.
  • Watch videos on low quality.
  • Acquire lives as much you can. Lives save you if your answer will wrong.
  • Try to give all the answer correctly.

I know, some question is too difficult to give an answer.You can use your lives in those questions. It all depends on your knowledge and luck. No apps, the website can make you win the game. You have to win yourself.

Loco Quiz Answer

Loco has become one of the largest live Trivia apps and it hard to predict its question and answer before the quiz time. Only you can do is to answer all the question correctly as well as fast. There no any alternative to find quiz question and answer before the game. There are some apps which proclaim to search the quiz question with the time limit. The major drawback of such apps is a slow internet connection and slow performance of mobile can slow down your search.

How To Redeem Winning Prize in Loco?

There is nothing to in redemption process. It is automatic and fast. You will receive the winning prize on next day of winning. Here are some points which you should follow before playing the game:

  • The number you entered must link with your Paytm account.
  • Make or register your Loco Account with KYC Verified Paytm Number.
  • You will get winning a prize on next day of winning.
  • Play more and win more.

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