Step-By-Step Guide to Earn ₹300 Free Paytm Cash | 10 Pe 100 UPI Offer

10 Pe 100 Paytm UPI Offer 2021: How to earn free paytm cash is one of the most trending topics these days. Users are very crazy about getting unlimited paytm cash for free by doing simple steps. So here we are sharing a step-by-step guide to earn paytm cash free up to 300 Rupees.

This is an official offer hence there is no trick involved in earning free paytm money.

But in order to make this offer work, you need to be little smart. Don’t worry, we have shared the exact method by which we were successfully able to get Rs 300 free paytm money without sending it to somebody else.

Rs 250 Free Paytm Cash Offer

#Update: Now “7 Pe 70” offer is changed to “10 Pe 100”. Everthing is same except the paytm cash and no. of transactions are changed.

I have seen many users complaining that they are unable to use this offer –  “10 pe 100 UPI Offer“.

Details About 10 Pe 100 Paytm UPI Offer

Under this offer, you have to first activate it by sending at least Rs. 10000 or more to some UPI ID. After sending, this offer will be activated.

Then You have to send the same amount 9 times again to avail Rs. 100 paytm cashback.

This offer can be used only 3 times per account.

Hence max. Rs. 300 Free Paytm cash

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How to Get Rs. 300 Free Paytm Cash Back?

1) Open Paytm app and go to Menu.

2) Click on “Cashback Offers“.

3) Under “New Offers for You” section you will find this offer – “10 pe 100 UPI Offer“. Click on Offer Details.

Free Paytm Cash Offer Details

4) Read offer details carefully and then click on “Do first UPI Payment“.

5) Now if you already have 10000 Rs in your Paytm Savings Account then you are good to go. But if not then you have to load Rs. 10000 from somewhere to your Paytm UPI ID.

6) Now go to Paytm app, then menu and finally open Cashback Offer. Go to the offer and click on “Do first UPI Payment”.

7) Now click on “Bank Transfer” option. Fill the UPI address on which you want to send Rs. 10000 to activate this offer.

8) After sending 10000 Rs successfully your offer “10 Pe 100” will be activated.

9) Now again go to Menu and Cashback offer. You will find your offer is activated. There is a progress column showing you that you have 4 more UPI transactions left. Click on “Send Money” in front of 2nd UPI Payment line.

Note: Remember to load 10000 Rs to Paytm UPI account in order to send it. :P

5 Pe 250 Paytm Offer Page

10) 9th step is very important and you have to do it for every UPI transaction in order to make it count. Repeat this step till all UPI transactions are completed successfully.

11) You will get a notification that you have completed this offer. Your cashback of Rs. 100 will be added to your Paytm Wallet within 24 hours. I got within 15 minutes.

250 free paytm cash proof

Now let me make this more personal so that you would be able to relate how to do each step.

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How I Got Free Rs. 250 Paytm Cash?

At first, I was also confused about why my UPI transaction is not counted. I tried sending it to the same UPI account for the second transaction but it didn’t count. I tried sending 5000 to different UPI ID but still, it didn’t count.

So I thought why not go back to Cashback Offer Option and open offer every time before doing a transaction.

What I did was, I added 5000 to my paytm UPI ID. Then again opened Menu and then Cashback Offers.

Then I opened the Offer and clicked on “Send Money” Link in front of 2nd UPI Transaction column.

I don’t know how but this method worked every time so I keep on doing this step for every transaction. I simply load money, again go to Cashback offer and click on Send money in front of the respective transaction and then finally send it to my own UPI IDs.

UPI IDs I personally used –

  • Tez UPI ID
  • ICICI Pocket
  • Freecharge UPI

This was enough to complete all 5 UPI Transactions to earn free paytm cash worth Rs. 250

Since this offer is valid 3 times per user so you have to do complete step again to earn another 250 + 250.

10 Pe 100 Unlimited Trick

  • Use the same trick 3 times on every new Paytm account.
  • Create new paytm account.
  • Do mini KYC.
  • Now you are eligible to again avail this offer 3 times to earn another Rs. 300

Terms and Conditions for Paytm UPI Offer

  • Get guaranteed X250 cashback by making 5 money transfers using Paytm UPI address within 3 months
  • Offer applicable in Android and ios app version 7.0.0 and above.
  • *One upi transaction will be counted in only one Cashback offer at any given point in time. “After your first money transfer using Paytm upi address through Paytm App, you will get an SMS and Push notification to claim Rs. 50 cashback on your first upi transaction or participate in “5 pe 250 UPI Offer” cashback offer to get Rs. 250
  • *You can also claim Rs. 50 cashback or participate in cashback offer by going into “Cashback Offers” section from your “Profile” section
  • *After participating in the offer, you have to do 4 more money transfers through Paytm upi address to get X250 cashback
  • *If you do not participate in the offer, your transactions will not get linked in the offer
  • *UPI transaction of X5000 or more will be considered for the offer
  • *You can avail this offer a maximum of 3 times during the campaign validity. If you fail to participate in the offer, your offer will be expired. All expired offers will be included in the maximum limit stated.
  • *Cashback will be credited to your Paytm Wallet within 24 hours of completing the offer
  • *Cashback will not be processed for non-KYC users. Get your KYC done to receive the cashback. Please ignore if KYC is already done.

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  1. Hahaha bhai 250 Cashback wala 3 baar tha mtlb ye v 3 baar hi hoga..Jaldi jaldi mai terms & Condition toh padh lete.. bs Update krne ki padi hai..

      • I performed all the steps successfully as mentioned by you, also received intimation regarding the same though i’m not getting cashback within 24 hrs.

        • Cashback takes little time but if you didn’t get within 24 hours then don’t worry. Simply create a support ticket or tweet to @PaytmCare to get that cashback fast. :)


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