GOQii App–Refer, walk & earn cash/mobile phone/ Bag/Fitness band

Hello friends, GOQii – smart preventve healthcare app has again came up with the refer offer. Here you can earn points just by walking. By referring new levels are unlocked to win more prizes. If you want to earn prizes along with remaining fit this is the best app for you.

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About GOQii:

It is a Smart Preventive Healthcare for you and your family care with Personalized One-on-One Coaching, Doctor Consultation and Expert advice + Activity Tracking + Rewards.




  1. 5 Lakh Cash x 1
  2. Iphone XR Rs.82000 x 5 piece
  3. Oneplus 6t Rs.38000 x 10 piece
  4. Samsung Galaxy M10 Rs.8000 x 50 piece
  5. Goqi Run GPS worth Rs.5000 x 800 piece
  6. Goqi Vital worth Rs.3499 x 1000 piece
  7. Goqi V2 Hr worth Rs.1999 x 3500 piece
  8. Goqi Element worth Rs.1699 x 5000 piece
  9. Goqi Stride worth Rs.1299 x 15000 piece
  10. Backpack Worth Rs.500 x 15000 piece

How to register:

  • First download
  • Open the app and sign up with your mobile number or email20190222 201857
  • Then click on proceed
  • Now click on I have an invitation code 20190222 202241
  • Enter goqii1508349 or goqii1588479 in enter invite code20190222 203822
  • Select any these of these and press next20190222 204421
  • Click on next and you are signed in20190222 204800


How to refer:

  • First on the India steps challenge bannerScreenshot 20190222 210002 GOQii
  • Then click on earn more points Screenshot 20190222 210050 GOQii
  • Now click on share and share it with your friends and family Screenshot 20190222 210057 GOQii

How to get free prizes:

  • At first You get 6000 steps per day to walk on level 0 when you install GOQii
  • Each referral will increase your level by 1
  • Each level increases  300 steps
  • 1 point = 100 steps
  • You can refer to maximum 100 friends
  • You can redeem your prizes with your earned points as shown belowScreenshot 20190222 211739 GOQiiScreenshot 20190222 211806 GOQiiScreenshot 20190222 211830 GOQii


If you want to stay fit and earn while earning some free prizes at the same time, GOQii is the best app for you. There are only a limited number of prizes available so earn coins as soon  as possible to redeem it into some goodies. So walk as much as possible.


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