Google Pay Tricks 2024: Earn 30 Scratch Cards Of Rs 1000 (Live Again !)

Have you remembered the FilesGo app? You get a scratch card on the first sharing. Something like that but this time you have to make your first video call via Google DUO. In simple words, download the Google DUO app and make your first video call. You will get a Scratch Card of Rs 1000.

You can earn rewards up to Rs 1000. For more scratch cards, you have to refer this app to your friends or family. Once, they download it and make their first video call then both of you will get a scratch card.

google duo scratch cards

You can earn a total of 30 scratch cards from an account by referring. Each scratch card contains rewards of up to Rs 1000. You will get any amount from 1 Rupee to Rs .1000.

Well, you might be thinking about those users who got the DUO app pre-installed on their phones. I’m sorry, but this offer is not valid for them. They can just get scratch cards by referring Google DUO app.

Here are the step-by-step guides on How To Get Scratch Cards From the Google DUO app?

Eligible For Rewards?

This offer is for Indians only. So, if you have an Indian Phone number and Indian bank account then only you can avail this offer,

You need to install the DUO App and use any mobile number that is not registered at Google DUO.

NOTE: If you’re new to Google Pay then read this Post on Google Pay

How to Get Scratch Cards From Google DUO?

  • First, install the Google DUO App. [Use this link to get a sign-up bonus]
  • Now, open it and register with your Google Pay email ID.
  • Also, use any mobile number which is not registered yet on DUO. This means using any new number.
  • Now, make your First Video Call. 
  • You will get a Scratch card. Check your Google Pay Account Rewards.
  • This scratch card contains rewards up to Rs 1000. It’s on your luck. You can get any amount.
  • Done….
  • To Earn more scratch cards you can refer them to your friends.
  • Click on the top right corner and then click on Invite Friends.
google duo scratch cards
  • Click on the invite button and share via WhatsApp, messenger, or whatever app you like to use.
google duo scratch cards

NOTE: You can Invite up to 30 People from one account. To earn more, you can use another account to invite more people.

Google Pay Hidden Loot | Infinite Methods

  1. Delete Google Pay Account Data from Phone Settings
  2. Launch Google Pay and set Up a Fresh Account
  3. On the Following Page, Select a Brand-New Gmail Account (Crucial) or Generate a New One.
  4. Ensure You Use a Gmail Account That Has Never Been Utilized to Redeem This Offer.
  5. Proceed to the App Home Page and Reconnect Your Same Bank Account to Google Pay
  6. Once Again, Scan and Make a Payment of ₹150 or More to a Merchant’s QR Code
  7. A Scratch Card Will Appear; Claim it.
  8. Conduct a UPI Transaction of ₹100 and Receive Cashback of Up to ₹500
  9. Experiment with this Infinite Method by Switching Your Gmail Account.

Send Rs 100 & Get Up to Rs 50

1) When a GPay user sends you Rs 100 or more, you will receive an unscratched locked card worth up to Rs 50.

2) To unlock the unscratched locked card in the rewards section, users must send Rs 100 or more.

3) If you send money to the same user who previously sent you money, you will not be eligible for the benefits of this offer.

4) The minimum amount for both sending and receiving is set at Rs 100.

5) Failure to unlock the scratch card by sending Rs 100 within 3 days will result in its expiration.

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Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is valid for new users. Those who download the Google DUO app for the first time.
  • You can refer to your friends. But once they make their first video call via Google DUO then only you and your friend will get a Scratch Card.
  • Use your Google Pay email ID for registration. Otherwise, no scratch cards.
  • For more information, you can visit the Google DUO Help section. Search your queries there.
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How do I get a scratch card from GPAY?

To get a scratch card from GPAY, simply make a qualifying transaction using the Google Pay app, and you’ll receive a scratch card as a reward.

How do I get 201 on GPAY?

You can earn up to Rs. 201 cashback by participating in the g pay referral code program.

What is the highest cashback in GPAY?

Rs. 9,000 per financial year.

Google Pay scratch card highest amount

Rs. 1000

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