How To Delete PhonePe Account, History & Linked Bank 2024

PhonePe is One of the most popular UPI apps in India. They are improving day by day and adding more features that make them smart but also complex on a small screen. Previously phonepe interface was very simple and everything was on screen but recent updates hide the main & important day-to-day features.

Today we are going tell you to by step-by-step process of how to delete a Phonepe account, how to delete a registered bank account in Phonepe also how to delete Phonepe history.

How To Delete Phonepe Account
How to Deactivate Phonepe Account

PhonePe is a very cool finance utility app that makes your life easy & fast but sometimes for unseen reasons, we need to consider it to stop temporarily or permanently.

If you are facing any issues and want to delete your Phonepe account you can do that. In the Phonepe Pe app, there is no direct option to delete the Phonepe account.

But you can raise a support ticket to close it within the app and your Phonepe account deactivated within two days.

There are Three reasons for Deleting or Deactivating a PhonePe account:

  • Not Happy With PhonePe Service.
  • Want To Change your PhonePe account from one number to another.
  • Change mobile number.

Whatever the reason you have if you are not satisfied you can deactivate /delete your Phonepe account, history, and bank account.

Tutorial To Delete Phonepe Account Permanently :

There are two options for the Phonepe account temporary block and the second is permanent delete or block the Phonepe account.

If you want a permanent delete/deactivate account you can follow the below steps but remember you can not activate a Phonepe account on the same number again.

  • Open PhonePe App and Go to the Profile section by tapping the Profile icon on the left corner Top.
  • On the Profile page click the Question Mark (?) icon on the right-side top corner.
How to Delete a Bank Account in Phonepe
  • On This help page Select >> My PhonePe Account Details.
How to Delete an Account in Phonepe
  • Here select option >>Permanently deleting my PhonePe account.
How to Delete Phonepe Account Permanently
  • Now on the next page choose >> I want to change my PhonePe mobile number (Or any other top 3 option)
How to Close Phonepe Account
  • On this page read all important points and click on >> Deactivate PhonePe Account Button.
How to Remove Phonepe Account
  • Done! Your request & ticket for deleting the Phonepe account were generated successfully.
  • Your PhonePe account will be permanently deleted in two days.

If it takes more than two days then you can check your deletion request by going to View Tickets on the app help page.

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Steps To Temporarily Deactivating my PhonePe Account In 2024:

If you don’t want to delete your Phonepe account permanently then you can stop Phonepe account service temporarily.

To stop your Phonepe account temporarily go to the profile >> scroll down to the bottom >> click Log out.

As you log out from Phonepe your Phonepe account temporarily deactivated to activate login with your details it will be activated.

How To Delete/Un-Link Bank Account From PhonePe App :

You have multiple bank accounts all linked with PhonePe accounts now you want to delete non-usable bank accounts from PhonePe or want to un-link them.

You can do that easily in the PhonePe app by following the below steps.

  • Open the PhonePe app > Go to the Profile section.
  • Here you will see > Payment Methods.
  • In payment methods, you will see all phonepe linked bank accounts.
  • Select the bank account which you want to unlink from phonepe.
  • Now you see that bank account’s full details & in the bottom >> Un-link Bank Account button.
Remove the Account from Phonepe
  • A pop-up will appear with important details read it if you agree to click >> Unlink button.
  • Done! You have successfully UN-linked /deleted your bank account from the Phonepe app.

From the profile section, you can also remove your phonePe linked to credit and debit cards easily. Just go to Profile >>Payment Methods then you can see all linked cards and bank accounts.

To remove the link card click on the card which you want to remove then you will see all details >> Remove Card option click on it. It will be removed permanently from the Phonepe account.

How to Remove UPI ID from Phonepe

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How To Delete PhonePe App Transaction History :

How to Delete Phonepe History Permanently: This is important when you use lots of online transactions your history will be filled with payment history and important transactions will hide between them or you want to intentionally delete a few histories.

Previously PhonePe allowed the deletion of transaction history but due to growing UPI frauds, RBI released a circular where the user has now no permission to delete any transaction history from the finance app.

That means You can not delete PhonePe Transaction history in the app now.

If it is very important to delete then the only option uninstall the app or permanently deactivate your Phonepe account.

That’s it for today’s tutorial guys, I strongly recommend deleting the Phonepe account when you absolutely decide you don’t want to use it because after deleting the account you can not reactivate it.

You have to use another phone number plus you need to link a new number with a bank account to use it.

If you need more details about anything regarding the Phonepe app leave a comment in below comment box we will update the article.

Steps to Delete Transaction History in PhonePe

  • Sign in to your PhonePe account.
  • Open the transaction history page.
  • Choose the specific transaction you wish to remove.
  • If you’re using an older app version, tap “Delete Transaction.”
  • If you have the latest version, select “Contact Support.”
  • Compose a message outlining your request to the Support team.
  • Send the message to create a new ticket for your request.
  • The support team will contact you to confirm your request, which will be promptly addressed.

Last but not least don’t share OTP or any financial details with anyone.

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FAQs Of PhonePe Account :

Can we permanently delete the PhonePe account?

Yes, you can place a request for the permanent deletion of the Phonepe account by opening a support ticket in the Phonepe account. Be cautious after deleting the Phonepe account it can’t be restored.

Can we delete transaction history in PhonePe?

No, you can delete transaction history in the Phonepe app previously you could do that but from the latest update, you can’t delete it.

How do I delete my bank transaction history on PhonePe?

To delete your bank transaction history on PhonePe, you can’t actually remove individual transactions, but you can unlink your bank account to clear the transaction history associated with it.

Is it possible to delete PhonePe history?

you will have to contact customer care to delete Phonepe transactions history.

How do I delete all details from PhonePe?

To delete all details from PhonePe, you can uninstall the app from your mobile device and clear any associated data from your app settings.

Where is transaction history in PhonePe?

Tap on the “History” tab located on the home screen.

How to remove bank account from PhonePe permanently?

To permanently remove a bank account from PhonePe, open the app, go to the “My Money” section, select “Bank Accounts,” choose the bank account you want to remove, and then tap on the “Remove” or “Delete” option. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

How to delete Phonepe account history & linked bank account 2024 online?

To delete your PhonePe account history and linked bank account in 2024, you should contact PhonePe’s customer support or follow their official account closure process through the app or website.