(Working) Airtel Balance Check No | Airtel.in USSD Codes 2024

Do you want to check your Airtel balance? Wondering how much internet 5G/4G data balance you have left? Usually, we check Airtel balance by dialing an MMI code.

MMI Code also known as Airtel USSD Code starts with * (Star) and ends with # (hash). We have shared a few Airtel Balance Check Codes below.

balance check number for airtel
airtel balance check code 2024

There is both an online and offline method to check Airtel balance. The offline mode includes the use of USSD Code (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data).

Dialing the MMI Code for Airtel gives you a popup screen with a list of Airtel balance details. The online method is via My Airtel app or other third-party apps.

How to Check Airtel Balance using USSD Codes

USSD Codes are also referred to as Quick or Feature Codes. By calling on Airtel USSD number, you get a USSD message.

In this session, you can interact with the Airtel mobile network operator’s Computer.

By dialing, you will get details on Airtel balance for talk time, internet, or other activated services.

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Today, we have created a list of all working Airtel USSD codes and SMS codes. The USSD codes mentioned below will immediately furnish you with details about your Airtel net balance, plan validity, and more.

Moreover, you can find the remaining amount of 5G or 4G Airtel internet data and much more.

Steps to Check Airtel Balance Online & Offline

There are two ways to find out Airtel’s balance. One is offline and the other is the online method. We have shared a step-by-step tutorial on both of them below.

S.No.List of ServicesAirtel USSD/MMI Codes
1.Airtel Balance Check*123# or *121*2#
2.Airtel Free 10 GB DataMiss Call on 5999555
3.Airtel 3G/4G Internet*121*2*3#
4.Airtel Customer Care Number121
5.Airtel Complaint Number198
6.DND Activation/ Deactivation1909
7.Airtel Loan Number*141*10# or 52141
8.Mobile number portabilitySMS PORT to 1909
9.Check SIM Number*06#
  1. How to Check Airtel Balance Offline using USSD Code
    • Open the calling app on your phone
    • Click on the Keypad button
    • Dial any MMI code to create a USSD session
    • For example dial *121#
    • You will get a popup USSD message
    • It will give you a list of all the services you can check
    • For balance, you need to send 2
    • After sending 2, you will get another popup
    • This USSD message will have the Airtel network balance check number.
  2. Check Airtel Balance online using My Airtel App
    • Open Google Play Store or iOS app store
    • Search for My Airtel Android app
    • Download and install My Airtel app
    • Open the app and enter your Airtel mobile number
    • You will receive an OTP.
    • Enter the OTP to login to your Airtel Account
    • Click on three vertical dots next to your mobile number
    • Then click Manage A/C
    • Here you will get a list of all the services
    • Click on Balance & Recharge to view your current account Airtel balance check online.
Airtel USSD codes UPdated lists

USSD Codes of Airtel for [Balance Check, Airtel Offer Code, Data Check & More]

DescriptionUSSD Code
Airtel Balance and Validity Check Code*123#
Airtel Offer Code1211#
Airtel Number Check USSD Code*282#
Airtel Balance Check Code1212#
USSD Code Airtel Missed Call Alert*888#
Airtel Talktime Loan USSD Code*141#
Airtel Balance Check Number (Data/Internet)Call on 52141
USSD Code Airtel Unlimited Packs1211#
Airtel Self Care Menu Code*121#
Airtel USSD Code GPRS Internet SettingsSMS “MO” To 54321
Airtel Hello Tune USSD Code*678#
USSD Codes Airtel Roaming Packs*222#
Airtel USSD Number Check Code*282#
Airtel to Airtel Talktime Balance Transfer USSD Code*141# & Select Share Talktime Option
Airtel Validity Check Code*123#
Airtel USSD Code for Talktime Loan Rs. 1014110#
Airtel Internet Loan USSD Code (3G/4G)141567#
Airtel Data Loan USSD Code (2G)141567#
Airtel GPRS Internet Data Loan Code141567#
Activate Airtel DND Service NumberSMS “START” to 1909
Airtel USSD Code for Flash Services1215#
Airtel VAS Services Charged Details1217#2
Airtel Last Call Details Check Number1217#3
Airtel SMS Deduction Checking Code1217#4
Airtel Data Charged Details Check Code1217#5
Airtel USSD Codes for Recharge Details1217#6
Airtel Advance Talktime Loan Code1217#7
Airtel Unlimited Calling Pack Code1218#1
Airtel USSD Code For Rs.29 Data Pack1218#2
Airtel USSD Code – Cafe Pack – Rs.51218#3
Airtel Plan Check 2G/3G/4G1218#4
Airtel USSD Code for Net Loan1218#5
Airtel Own Number Check Code1219#
Unlimited Airtel Packs Check Code12110#
Airtel Offers Code (Data Details 2G/3G/4G)12111#
Airtel USSD Code for 3G Service121111#
Airtel Balance Check Code*123#
Airtel Balance Check Number (2G Data)12151# 4
Airtel Check Balance Code (3G/4G)12151# 4
Airtel Data Code – Check Best Internet Offers12111#
Airtel My Own Number Check Code*282#
START Airtel VAS Service (Airtel USSD Code)SMS “START” to 121
Share Airtel Internet Data Balance129101#
Airtel Mobile Internet Setting CodeSMS “MO” To 54321
Airtel Talktime Loan USSD CodeCall to 52141
Get Airtel USSD Code By SMSSend SMS “Short Code” to 121
Airtel USSD Code Rs7 Cafe Pack 1 Hr12112#1
Airtel USSD Code 50 L+N SMS USSD Code12112#1
Airtel USSD Code 10 L+N Minute USSD Code12112#1
Airtel USSD Code 50 Night Minute USSD Code12112#1
Airtel USSD Code Rs.7- 20MB USSD Code12112#1
Airtel USSD Code Roaming Packs12114#
Airtel USSD Code 1000 L+N SMS @Rs88 SMS Pack12112#2
Airtel USSD Code 700 L+N SMS @Rs62 SMS Pack12112#2
Airtel USSD Code 450 L+N SMS @Rs42 SMS Pack12112#2
Airtel USSD Code 340 L+N SMS @Rs34 SMS Pack12112#2
Airtel USSD Code 100 Local SMS @Rs10 SMS Pack12112#2
Airtel USSD Code 55 Local SMS @Rs5 SMS Pack12112#2
Airtel USSD Code 140 Local SMS @Rs13 SMS Pack12112#2
Airtel USSD Code 150 Local SMS @Rs15 SMS Pack12112#2
Airtel USSD Code 200 Local SMS @Rs26 SMS Pack12112#2
USSD Code for Local USSD Code Airtel Voice Packs12112#3
USSD Code Airtel STD Voice Packs12112#3
USSD Code Airtel Local+STD Voice Packs12112#3
USSD Code Airtel Roaming Packs12112#3
USSD Code Airtel ISD Packs12112#3

How to Check Airtel Postpaid Number Balance, Bill, Plans

Are you an Airtel postpaid customer? Then there are the details to find your outstanding bill amount, plan details, etc.

There are many websites that have shared details about prepaid Airtel SIMs only. Here we are sharing details for Airtel Postpaid customers too.

Airtel Postpaid Balance Check
Airtel balance check postpaid

Here are the key points:

  1. For un-billed outstanding amount: Send SMS UNB to 121
  2. To know your total outstanding amount: Send an SMS OT to 121
  3. Details of your last bill generated: Send SMS BILL to 121
  4. For the current bill plan: Send SMS BP to 121
  5. Previous payment details tracking: Send SMS PAY to 121

Or you can also use Airtel Postpaid USSD Code: *121#

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FAQs on Airtel Balance and Validity Check:

How to Check Airtel Balance Validity?

To check your Airtel balance validity, simply dial *123# from your Airtel mobile number, and the validity information will be displayed on your screen.

How to check Airtel data Balance?

To check your Airtel data balance, simply dial *121# and follow the on-screen instructions, or you can send an SMS with the text “DATA BAL” to 121.

Airtel 4G data balance check

To check your Airtel 4G data balance, dial 1212# from your Airtel mobile number.

Airtel balance check number

To check your Airtel balance, dial *123# from your Airtel mobile number.

How to check Airtel data balance via SMS?

To check your Airtel data balance via SMS, send a text message with “DATA BAL” to 121.

How to check Airtel daily data balance?


How can I check my Airtel plan validity?

Dial *121*2# on your phone and you will have all the required information.

How can I check my mobile recharge validity?

dial *199# or *121# 

How can I check my Airtel offer on USSD?

To check your Airtel offer using USSD, dial *121# and follow the on-screen prompts.

What is * 223 Airtel code?

 check Airtel data balance *223#

Conclusion on Airtel Balance Check

I hope now you know how to check Airtel balance online and offline. There are other ways to check like through an IVR call or just by turning your internet on and off.

If you still face any problems in finding your Airtel SIM balance then do let us know. We will provide you with a working Airtel USSD Code 2024.

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