PayTM Pro Membership Launched : Benefits And Joining Process Inside

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I hope you guys are doing well and missing the old days’ loot that used to get shared on our blog. Today, I am back again on earticleblog with PayTM’s new membership information.

PayTM has secretly launched its new membership program last week .

Paytm has launched its new membership named PayTM Pro , which offers benefits worth INR 75,000 upon joining its free membership program.

Paytm Pro Max Membership

About PayTM Pro Max : This newly launched membership scheme is currently in the beta phase and has been rolled out to selected Paytm users as of now.

It will become available to more customers in the upcoming days. This pro membership is completely different from the Paytm first membership.

The Paytm Pro Membership is a 3 tier membership which means there are 3 levels in this membership .

First level is Paytm Classic, Second one is Paytm Pro and the last one is Paytm Pro Max .

1. Paytm Classic Membership :

This is first level of Paytm pro loyalty program . There is not much benefits in this tier but customers can access to some exclusive deals with Paytm Classic

Paytm Classic Membership

There are no joining fees currently for classic tier . If you get invite for Class tier then you can join for free .

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2. Paytm Pro Membership :

Pro is the second level of Paytm pro loyalty program . Customers are entitled to get 1 Cashback point for spending each INR 100 on Paytm platform as well as some welcome benefits .

Paytm Pro Membership Tier

There are no joining fees for Pro tier as well . You can join Pro for free after getting invite .

3. Paytm Pro Max Membership :

Pro Max is the third and last level of Paytm pro loyalty program . Customers can get 2 points for every 100 INR spent on Paytm as well as welcome benefits worth 75000 INR . Pro Max membership will allow Paytm Customers to get Customer Service on priority basis .

Paytm Pro Max Membership Level

This pro max loyalty program grants access to limited inventory deals and jackpot to participate and win Car , bikes and smartphones .

Currently, There are no joining fees for Paytm Pro Max Membership , But its available on invite basis as of now .

To retain the Paytm Pro, Members need to spend minimum INR 35,000 and purchase at least 40 deals in every 90 days like Myntra Insider

How To Join Paytm Pro :

As this loyalty program is totally invite based, I will guide you how you can claim invite directly from Paytm app .

You can see the exclusive invite badge directly on Paytm Mobile app as per below snapshot . Click on the poster and follow up joining process to become Paytm Pro Max Member .

Paytm Pro Max Joining Process

If you are not getting anything about this membership on Paytm app home screen then you can go through personal profile menu as per below screenshot or you can check messages through Inbox section on Paytm app .

Pro max joining

NOTE : Paytm is slowly releasing this membership offer to its selected active users on their platform . Keep checking for invite on Paytm app itself .

PayTM First Membership Vs PayTM PRO :

As Paytm membership is a chargeable subscription in the first place, while Paytm Pro is a totally free subscription. Paytm First members have access to exclusive vouchers and subscriptions of fitness apps, OTTs, and many more, while Paytm Pro is exclusively designed for making savings on the purchase of gift cards through the Paytm app.

Paytm New Membership 2023 October

Paytm pro users needs to spend minimum 35K INR in 90 days to renew the Pro Max membership totally free, While Paytm first users needs to spend INR 899 annually to Keep the membership active .

Paytm First members don’t have the privilege of savings on gift card purchases, but Paytm Pro users have the privilege to make savings on gift card purchases.

Paytm PRO Loot Deals :

As the new membership Paytm PRO Max has launched, Paytm is also offering very limited time deals to its subscribers . The current conversion rate of Paytm Points is INR 10 for 1000 points . But for Pro Max users the conversion rate is INR 100 for 1000 points . That’s huge ! 10 times of the current conversion rate .

IMG 20230918 WA00583

So you can grab Amazon Prime Membership voucher for a full year in just 15000 points with having Pro Max membership .

Final Words :

I have tried to cover each and every detail of this newly launched Paytm PRO in this post, But still there be some points that might not covered . You can comment on this post or our social media groups . You can go through this post on details about joining Paytm pro membership .

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