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Reportedly, Reliance Jio users have been receiving emails with the subject line discussing number retention charges. Jio’s customers have initiated forum discussions regarding these emails and are seeking advice and recommended steps upon receiving such correspondence.

Do you have multiple Jio numbers? if yes then you have to know all about Jio Number Retention Charges which is recently introduced by Jio silently.

Jio is one of the revolutionary mobile network companies which expand rapidly in India and acquire major mobile subscribers in India.

They giving tough competition to Airtel,Vi & BSNL services! due to this many mobile network companies in lost or closed down their businesses.

Jio Number Retention Charge
Jio Number Retention Charge

For this reason, Airtel & Vi brings an activation pack that allows you to keep active your sim which you are not using or using as an extra sim.

Among Indian telecom operators, Reliance Jio boasts the highest average revenue per user (ARPU), primarily attributed to its adeptness in customer retention. Interestingly, the same customers are now expressing that the company is imposing charges for number retention. This noteworthy detail was identified on the renowned DesiDime forum.

Previously no such charges were levied by companies but due to tough competition, all operators introduced validation packs if you not using any data or voice plan you must recharge with the validation pack else after a few days your number will be closed permanently and allotted to new customers or users.

After Airtel & Vi it seems Jio also brings Retention Charges for those numbers and connections which are idle for a long and not using any Jio services.

This article will explain to you what it is & how it will be calculated and how you can avoid this.

What is Jio Number Retention Plan :

In this retention plan if any Jio number is idle for 90 days that means if no data plan or any kind of plan is active On Jio number and it is idle for 90 days then Jio will charge a Number Retention fee for each month until you recharge any active pack on that Jio number.

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Jio Number Retention Charge :

As I said if a number is idle for 90 days and no pack is active then Jio will charge Rs 20 automatically for each month from the main balance of Jio number.

If your main balance is over or you don’t have any balance Jio might deactivate your connection and allot your number to a new customer.

How to avoid Retention charges from your Jio number :

It is clear now that owning jio sim will not ensure you that you will be receiving call & SMS lifetime for free.Now you have to pay for keeping any active sim .

If you want to avoid this charges you can recharge any validation pack from various packages.

You can also do one smart thing use your jio sim approx 80 days and recharge any validity pack after the pack validity end use it again for approx 80 days and do recharge again .

Repeat these steps to keep your Jio number active for a lifetime else you have to leave the idle sim at some point in time.

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If you do’t recharge your JIO number from long which is 90 days then jio will charge number retention fee which is Rs 20 approx.

For Jio number it is 90 days after that your number may be terminated by Reliance Jio and allot it to new customer.

Jio Number Retention Validity is for 30 days after that it will again deduct 20 Rs each month from main balance.

If 90 days over without any active plan and you are not able to receive any call, do recharge of any validity plan. If recharge become successful you may be able to activate your jio sim.

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