How to Port Airtel to Jio Number Online | MNP on Airtel Connection

Hello, Airtel customers are you facing network issues with Airtel sim If you have tried all the way to solving it but still facing it then porting your number to an Airtel mobile connection to Jio port is a good option for you.

Today in this guide we are going give you instructions to port from Airtel to Jio number Online. You have to visit one time to the nearest store to collect your new JIO SIM card.

HOW TO Port From Airtel to Jio Number Online
Airtel to Jio number port

Porting to Airtel to Jio number without changing your number is now possible for all the states, inter-state too. You have to generate a UPC code to port out your sim.

We will cover how to generate UPC code to port keep reading.

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How to Port Your Mobile Number in Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Raise Porting Request

Sending the Request

To initiate the porting process for your mobile number, simply compose a text message with the word ‘Port’ followed by your 10-digit mobile number. Send this message to the shortcode 1900 from the mobile number you wish to port.

SMS ‘Port'<10-digit mobile number> to 1900

Confirmation Code

After sending the message, you’ll receive a unique porting code along with an expiry date. This code is essential for proceeding with the porting request, so ensure you keep it safe.

Step 2: Request SIM Home Delivery

Using the Porting Code

With the porting code in hand, the next step is to apply for SIM home delivery. This can typically be done through your service provider’s website or mobile app. Enter the porting code when prompted during the SIM ordering process.

Providing Necessary Details

During the SIM ordering process, you may need to provide additional information such as your current address for delivery purposes. Make sure to fill out all required fields accurately to avoid any delays.

Step 3: Verification and Visit

Prepare Your Documents

Before the scheduled visit, gather your proof of identity and proof of address. These documents will be required for verification purposes by the representative visiting you.

Verification Process

During the visit, the representative will verify your identity and address using the documents provided. Once the verification is complete and successful, your new SIM card will be activated, and you’ll be ready to use your ported mobile number on the new network.

Benefits of Porting from Airtel to Jio Mobile Number In 2024:

Jio has a new state-of-the-art technology that no other network has yet Airtel working on an old set of networks that’s the reason you are facing issues with your Airtel network.

Jio provides the fastest internet speed and good Indore coverage plus affordable data & call packs with many premium OTT contents like Jio TV.

The best part you will get better call & data service plus high-speed internet most likely you will get a 5G network on upcoming 5G phones in India with benefits before anyone else.

Now let’s jump on the process of how to port from Airtel to Jio & generate a Unique Porting Code (UPC) for successful porting.

Eligibility Check of Porting from Airtel To Jio :

If you are first time making a port request then you are already eligible for porting but if you have previously ported from another network then you have to wait 90 days before you make another porting request.

Rapid porting from one network to another is not allowed by DOT. There will be 90 day gap which is approximately 3 months before you make a port request if you previously port.

Before we jump on the steps, make sure you have a valid pack that allows sending SMS because in this process we have to send SMS & From 2022 you can send SMS if you have sms plan.

Steps To Porting From Airtel to Jio Mobile Number :

Switching your mobile number from Airtel to Jio network is a straightforward process, thanks to Mobile Number Portability. Learn how to port from Airtel to JIO in just a few easy steps.

Step 1: From your Airtel mobile number send SMS this command.

PORT <<Your Airtel Mobile Number >> To 1900

(send command without << >> ) [Example: PORT 8800570000] or Access Mobile Number Portability(MNP)

Airtel to Jio Mobile Number
Porting Instruction

Step 2: Instantly you receive the Unique Porting Code (UPC code) via SMS which mentions the expiry date of the code.

This UPC code is used as an authentication code by Jio so only a legit claim of porting will process.

Step 3: Collect your Code & reach your nearest Jio store or shop with original ID & address proof.
(In most cases they need an AADHAR Card so give them Aadhar for hassle-free porting)

Step 4: Give them the UPC code & ID proof, and they will give you the new JIO SIM.

Step 5: Now wait for 3 to 5 days your existing Airtel SIM network will be gone then you have to insert a JIO sim in your mobile and make a call to 198.

Step 6: Bingo! You have successfully ported out in the Jio network without changing your network. Now recharge of Jio network to start using it.

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Important Points of Porting Which You Consider Before Making Request :

  • Before making a Porting request make sure you have cleared any dues in the case of postpaid & negative balance in case of prepaid.
    (If you have any pending dues your porting will not be successful)
  • Remember your mobile prepaid balance & data pack validity will lapse when you port out in Jio.
  • On the new Jio network, you have to recharge new data packs according to your network.
  • After making the Port request & UPC code submission to the Jio network, it will take 3 days for the same state & 5 days for the other state to successfully port.
  • If you are Jammu & Kashmir, Assam & North East customers then you have to wait 15 days for successful porting.

How To make sure You have successfully Port Out in Jio Network :

YouTube video
How to Port Airtel to Jio Mobile Number Online

There are two ways to make sure you have successfully ported out into the Jio network.

First You will receive an SMS to your Airtel number that porting is going to happen & instructions to switch to Jio Sim. When you put Jio sim in your mobile and make a call it will redirect to customer care for activation of your number.

The second method is if the network has disappeared in your Airtel mobile and you have received an SMS on your number plus an alternate number then you have to understand your network is port out in Jio.

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FAQs Of Porting From Airtel To Jio :

Is Porting from Airtel to Jio Free?
Yes absolutely free! Porting from any network to any network in India is totally free. You just need a new recharge & data pack to activate your existing number.
How much time it takes to port a SIM?
If the Port request is in the same state it will take Three (3) days and if SIM is interstate then it will take 5 days. For Jammu & Kashmir, Assam & North East customers it will take 15 days for successful porting.
Can I port my Airtel number to Jio before 90 days?
No, You can not port your SIM before 90 days if you have already ported in a new operator. You have to wait 90 days after that you can place a new request for the UPC code & do successful porting.
Can I Get Airtel to Jio port offer 2024?
Yes, you can get a port offer when you port out to a new operator. The offer keeps changing to confirm it call 198 & ask them for recent offers.
What is the port offer of Jio 2024?
Vi to Jio port
In this recharge plan, you’ll receive 1GB of daily internet along with unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. Similarly, when you recharge for Rs. 299 for 28 days, you’ll get 1.5GB of daily data, along with 100 SMS per day and unlimited calling.
How to port SIM online?
message “PORT” <10 digit mobile number> to 1900.

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