How To Enable Jio WiFi Calling In Android & iPhone

Jio also launched Jio WiFi calling all over India after Airtel . WiFi Calling feature is advanced and high tech facility which gives strong network presence where Mobile network connectivity is low and today we are gonna tell you how You enable Jio WiFi Calling in Your Android & iPhone devices.

Jio introduced this advance feature for every jio user who has WiFi facility in their home or work place .

The main benefit of Jio WiFi Calling is that it is absolutely free and no extra charge or any complex setting required to enable this.

WiFi Calling is now necessity of India as you know their is only three mazor operator in India and due to lots of user load on network wifi calling is best way to connect your love ones.

Requirement For Jio WiFi Calling:

You need only Jio Sim Card , WiFi Calling enable smart Phone and WiFi Network to do the Trick.

What is Exactly WiFi Calling :

WiFi Calling is new technology which use WiFi to make Call over WiFi Using VOIP Technology .VOIP is full form Voice Over Internet Protocol which use your internet IP to make call on it .

In India Airtel & Jio currently giving this service to it’s customer and it is becoming very popular for it’s crystal clear voice and Video streaming facility.

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How WiFi Calling is Beneficial for Us ?

You must be understand till now what is wifi calling and how it is work but main benefit of wifi calling is that it allows you make calls when no network available or where no network available or weak network availability .

Live Jio WiFi Calling From One Plus

If you have WiFi in your place you can easily make voice calls or video calls normally as you day in your daily life and it also switch automatically over WiFi or Mobile Network .

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How To Enable Jio WiFi Calling on Android Device:

  • Go To Your Android Mobile Setting >> Wi-Fi & Internet or Connections.
Jio WiFi Calling Android
  • Now Go To SIM & Network and select Jio 4G Sim Slot.
  • Here You Will See Wi-Fi Calling switch .
  • Slide it and make sure it is enable .
Jio WiFi Calling enable
  • Now you see new option below Wi-fi Calling Calling Preference.
  • Here You see Two option make sure select Call over Wi-Fi .
Jio WiFi Calling
  • Now you are Done ! Restart your phone and start making call it use wifi to make call.

How To Enable Jio WiFi Calling on iOS Device (iPhones):

  • Go to Your iPhone Setting then Phone.
Jio WiFi Calling iPhone
  • In Phone Tab you see Wi-Fi Calling .
Jio WiFi Calling iPhone enable
  • Slide it to turn On .
  • Then again turn on Wi-Fi Calling in this IPhone.
Jio WiFi Calling iOs
  • You are done ! Restart the phone and your are ready to make Wi-Fi Calling.

List of Supported Devices For Jio Wi-Fi Calling:

As Jio recently Launched Wi-Fi calling it is in roll out phase and mostly supported High end phones and More phone will supported slowly in upcoming days.

We are giving mostly supported devices list below table you can still check in your phone setting about Wi-Fi calling features or install latest system update which enable Jio Wi-Fi calling.

Smart Phone supported To Airtel &Jio Wi-Fi Calling
OnePlus 7 & Above Model iPhone 6S & Above Model
Xiaomi Redmi K20& Above Model iPhone 7 & Above model
POCO F1 iPhone 8 & Above model
Samsung J6 iPhone X & Above Model
Samsung A10s,iPhone 11 & Above Model
Samsung On6Samsung M30s

FAQ’s Of WiFi Calling:

What is the purpose of WiFi calling?

Purpose of WiFi calling is simple to provide best call quality in Indoor areas where mobile network is week or not reachable .

What Is Wifi Calling ?

WiFi calling is new technology which is now available for mobile network operator’s .Where Using Voice over IP Technology you can able to call any number via help of wifi network.

How To Use WiFi Calling ?

For using Wifi calling go to your phone setting and enable it first then make sure you are connected to supported WiFi network .If all is ok make simple call as you do normally it is automatically switch to wifi calling.

Normal Call is Good Or WiFi Calling

Answer is WiFi Calling .Wifi calling help you to connect call from places where network not available and normal call depend on signal quality.

That’s it i hope i am able to guide you how you enable Jio wifi calling in your iphone and android devices . Remember wifi calling is absolutely free so you do’t have to pay any extra amount for this facility .

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