How To Activate Airtel WiFi Calling in 2024

Hello Guys, Airtel has rolled out Airtel WiFi Calling features to all its Airtel prepaid and Postpaid users. This VoWiFi feature is India’s first rollout by Airtel which makes Airtel more popular. By using this feature you can call over WiFi using VOIP technology means if no Airtel network in your place you still make calls by using your home WiFi network.

Please Note that Airtel Wi-Fi calling is free and works on any Wi-Fi Network. So it is amazing news For every user.

How to Activate airtel wi-fi calling
Airtel WiFi Calling

It is a very Cool and useful feature if you are living in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc.

As You know in cities there are very congestive places and the Mobile network can not reach your phone that’s why no network at home and the calling issue coccus but By using the Airtel WiFi Calling feature without any extra hardware or software you can call using WiFi network.

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Smart Phone Supported To Airtel WiFi Calling:

WiFi calling is an exciting feature and not all smartphone is supported by this service but all medium to high-end phone are supported by Airtel Wi-Fi Calling service.

Below I am attaching a supported smartphone list which is supported and you can enable the calling feature easily.

Benefits of Airtel WiFi Calling :

  • No additional Hardware Required.
  • No Software/app Required.
  • Use Very Fewer Data Over Call.
  • No additional charge by Airtel.

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Step To Activate Airtel Wi-Fi Calling Feature in Android Smart Phone:

  • First of all, go to the Phone setting.
  • Then Go to Wi-Fi & Internet >> SIM & Network.
  • Select Your Airtel SIM.
Airtel WiFi Calling option
Airtel WiFi Calling option
  • Here You see Wi-Fi Calling in Enhanced communication.
    wifi prefer in Airtel oneplus
  • Turn it On .
  • You can set Preference of Wi-Fi calling from when you want use Wi-Fi Signal for calling.
  • Done ! Now when ever Airtel signal gone & if you are connected to Wi-Fi it use signal to call by using VOIP technology.
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    Step To Activate Airtel WiFi calling in Apple iPhones:

    1. Go to the iPhone setting.
    2. Use the search bar and type WiFi calling.
    3. Select it and Turn on Wi-Fi calling.
      wifi calling in iphone airtel
    4. Set some rules on how and when to use Wi-Fi calling.
    5. Done! You are ready to use the Airtel Wi-Fi Calling feature on your iPhone.

    Important Points Of Airtel Wi-Fi Calling Feature:

    1. Currently, this service is active in DELHI-NCR Only.
    2. Currently, This Wi-Fi calling feature works only when you connect to any Wi-Fi network.

    So Finally Guys hope I have been able to give you a tutorial on how you can activate the Airtel Wi-Fi calling feature in your smartphone and always be connected.

    After Airtel Jio also planning to launch Jio WiFi calling fracture so in the future we will see more such features in the market.

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    FAQs Activate Airtel Wi-Fi Calling

    How can I activate Airtel SIM Wi-Fi calling?
    To activate Airtel SIM Wi-Fi calling, you can usually enable it through your phone’s settings by navigating to “Wi-Fi Calling” and toggling the feature on. Make sure your device is compatible with Airtel’s Wi-Fi calling service and that you have a compatible SIM card.
    Why is my Airtel Wi-Fi calling not showing up?
    Your smartphone might not support the Wi-Fi calling feature yet.
    Which devices are eligible for Airtel Wi-Fi calling?
    Airtel Wi-Fi calling is typically compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets, but compatibility may vary by region and device model.
    Does Airtel Wi-Fi provide calling?
    Yes, Airtel Wi-Fi can be used for calling if you have an internet-based calling service or app installed on your device, such as WhatsApp, Skype, or any other VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application.
    Do I need Airtel SIM for Wi-Fi calling?
    Yes, if both SIMs are Airtel.
    Can I do Wi-Fi calling without recharge?
    Yes, a Wi-Fi call will be treated like a regular voice call.
    How to enable WiFi Calling in Airtel?
    To enable WiFi Calling on Airtel, go to your phone’s settings, select “Network & Internet,” then “Mobile Network,” and finally, turn on the “WiFi Calling” option if available.

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