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[85% off] A Small Orange Black Friday Deal : Get Domain + Hosting at cheapest prices

Are you thinking to start a new professional blog?
Are you not satisfied with your web host ?
Do you want to change your existing hosting provider?

If you answered yes for any of the above questions , this post is for you. Well, I would not go into much details about hosting as many of you know it and if you do not , you can click here

I am writing this post to share a really awesome web hosting offer with you guys which is only available for today. This offer is very cost-effective and you can get powerful web hosting at dirt cheap prices.

A small orange black friday : Offer details

A small orange

Coming to the main details of this offer. This cheap web hosting offer is provided by a web hosting company named A SMALL ORANGE
A small orange is a very reputed brand in the field of web hosting because of their quality services and on time customer support.

This offer comes under the black friday sale. Black friday is a day that comes after the thanksgiving day and it is one of the biggest shopping days in the world.

As a part of the Black Friday promotions , A Small Orange is providing flat 85% discount on any of the service you buy from them.

Since , their monthly web hosting plan costs 5$ , so for one year , you will have to pay 60$. Now ,if we substract 85% from 60$ , we will have you pay just around 7$

Is it not an awesome deal ? You will get one year of good web hosting for just 7$ which roughly equals to 480 INR .

You will also get a free domain of your choice if you buy this hosting.

Steps to follow

Here I will share the steps that you need to follow to grab this awesome deal.

NOTE : Since , the sale is only for you ,I would suggest you , not to waste time as you will never see such awesome offers again.

  • Go to the offer link , click on the button below


  • Select the hosting of your choice (preferably 5$ plan)
  • Now enter your details in the next page that appears.
  • Use the coupon code to get 85% off : EPIC
  • You will see the amount that you will have to pay.
  • Make the payment and you are done.

Final Words

This is the right time for you to start your online journey. Grab the awesome deals , start your blog and build your brand.

Best of luck !!