How To Buy Flipkart Supercoins With Cash Online

Supercoins By Flipkart is now most popular reward scheme in the market these days .

Sometimes , Many Flipkart users wants to claim specific voucher against Supercoins but they get shortage of some coins in their Flipkart account , Which makes them ineligible for the reward coupon .

In situation like this they have to wait for Return policy to get over , So the Supercoins could get credited to their account against their Flipkart order .

But what if any user is not willing to wait for so long ? Is there any method to get Supercoins against Cash instantly ?

Yes , At Earticle we have came up with the methods by which you can legally buy Flipkart Supercoins from the various Gift Card stores online .

How To Purchase Flipkart Supercoins E-Gift Card ?

Option 1 – From MagicPIN :

Convert SuperCoin to E-Gift Card
  • After that choose the voucher denomination of your choice
  • Now , Click on proceed and continue to pay the remaining amount after 16% discount
  • Make payment using Amazon Pay Wallet , PayTM Wallet or UPI
  • You’ll get a code after Purchase , You can redeem that code from HERE

After Redemption , Supercoins will get credited to your Flipkart account like this below .

Option 2 – From Gyftr Airtel Reward Page :

This Purchase portal is dedicated for Airtel retailers , But Don’t worry you can also make purchase on this portal using the URL below .

  • First of all Visit Gyftr Airtel Rewards Page for Supercoins from HERE
  • Then choose the preferred denomination that you wish to purchase
  • Now , A popup will appear there you can Login/Signup with any mobile number on gyftr portal
  • After that click on Buy Now and make payment via Debit/Credit card or UPI
  • Done ! Gift card number will be on screen after successful purchase
  • You can redeem the gift card from HERE

So above was the top 2 verified portal from which any user can buy the Flipkart Supercoins for their Flipkart account . We will add more Portals to this post in nearby future as per response to this post or users interest .

Final Words :

This post is dedicated specially for Purchasing Of Supercoins from the online Gift Card Stores . We have also verified it before posting this on our blog .

If any of the method’s not work for you then please leave a comment on any of our social media handles .

If you find this post really helpful then please do share this with your known ones .

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