Trick to Bypass Freecharge Maximum Redemption Limit [NEW METHOD]

Freecharge Maximum Redemption Limit Bypass Trick: Freecharge is one of the best online recharge portal which offers lots of discount and cashback deals on recharges. Freecharge recently upgraded their mobile application which is more secure.

Now if you have a rooted phone then you will get an error message showing Maximum Redemption Limit when you apply any coupon code.

This came out to be very bad news for many freecharge looters :p But here we came up with solution to bypass freecharge max. redemption limit just by using one app which simply hides root information.

bypass max redemption limit freecharge

By hiding root information, Freecharge and similar apps will never be able to detect and hence you will be able to use Freecharge promo codes again and again to earn unlimited freecharge credits.

But you need to understand one thing is that this process is quite complex and risky so make sure you read each and every steps carefully and follow them accordingly.

Bypass Freecharge Redemption Limit:

Freecharge new android app version 7.3 is detecting rooted mobile and restricting them from using any freecharge coupons by showing an error message stating max. redemption limit exceeded.

This can be easily bypassed by hiding the root information from Freecharge app by using HideMyRoot app. We will be covering up each and every detail below.

After that you will be able to use any coupon code like freecharge refer and earn code to loot freecharge credits.

Requirements for Freecharge Trick:

NEW Working Method to Bypass Freecharge Max Redemption Limit:

Many of you are still facing error by trying below given methods since not everyone is same version. Below we are listing all steps in detail so that you don’t have to guess anything.

Step 1: Freecharge Android App Version

Many of you might be confused with which version you have to use. To make this trick work only use Freecharge Version 7.1. So just remove your current version of Freecharge and download this 7.1 version from below link.

Direct Download Freecharge 7.1 Apk

Step 2: Download Apk Editor:

Using this app you can change app version without updating app. Means Freecharge will not be able to detect, they will think that it is version 7.4 but we will be using version 7.1 with little trick. ;) Freecharge version 7.3 and 7.4 doesn’t show promo code option after applying trick that is the main reason of not updating the app. Apk shared by Om Prakash.

Direct Download Apk Editor Pro

[Untick on “Download with Secure Download Manager]

Steps to follow:

  • Install Freecharge Version 7.1 from above link.
  • Open Apk Editor.
  • Click on “Select Apk from app“.
  • Choose Freecharge.
  • Click on “Common Edit“.
  • In “Version Code” enter 88
  • In “Version Name” enter 7.4
  • Finally click on “Save“.
  • Now go back (do not close Apk Editor) and uninstall the Freecharge app.
  • Come back (from recent apps) to Apk Editor and click on Install.
  • Now login to this new modded Freecharge app.
  • Now enjoy looting freecharge refer and earn trick using your own referral code without any error.
Step 3: Clear Freecharge App Cache & Data

If you have done refer one time and you are getting Max. Redemption Limit then before starting the trick you have to clear cache and data of this app.

To do so simply go to your mobile’s settings and click on Manage Applications / Installed Apps. Now scroll down to freecharge and open it. You will find an option to Clear Data or Cache.

Step 4: Install Phone ID Changer App

Now after clearing cache and data of Freecharge, you need to start the trick part. Just install Phone ID Changer App which you can download from above links.

Then make sure you activate it on Xposed Module. After reboot, open Phone ID Changer app and click on Random All button and then Apply. Reboot again.

Step 5: Use Fast Reboot App

Fast Reboot app is a reboot simulator which behaves as if you have actually rebooted your smartphone but it simply closes/restarts all core and user processes and thus frees up memory.

Download Fast Reboot App

Step 6: Now open Xprivacy App

Open XPrivacy app and scroll down to Freecharge. Click on it to expand its inner settings. Now you need to be careful here with tick mark.

  • First of all tick mark on “Identification” , “Network” , “Phone” , “Shell” & “System” only (Rest other must be untick).
  • Now click on “Shell” and tick mark only on “Sh” & “Su“.
  • Now click on “System” and tick mark only on “Get Installed Packages“.
  • Now click on upper right corner for settings.
  • There you will find an option to “Randomize Now“. Click on it and finally click on “Save” button present on top right corner of same page.
Step 7: Reopen Freecharge App

Now close all other apps and reopen Modded Freecharge application and login to your new account which you want to refer.

Go for a recharge of Rs. 20 and on the payment page click on “Promo Code” option. Enter your referral code and click on “Apply“.

You will get Congratulation message. Now follow all 7 steps again and again for unlimited freecharge refer and earn trick.

Freecharge refer earn confirmation

Freecharge Referral Trick

Note: These methods are only for educational purpose. We do not encourage any wrong activity done by you. Try at your own risk.

Easy Method Shared By Earticleblog User {Not Confirmed by Us}: [NOT WORKING]

  • In the Xposed Installer, activate Phone ID Changer Module [Download].
  • Open it and click on Random All then Apply.

phone id changer module

  • Reboot your phone.
  • Open freecharge to enjoy looting again.

How to Hide Root From Freecharge {Not Working Alone}:

  • At first open Xposed Installer under the Framework click on Install / Update.

Install Xposed Framework

  • Now open Modules in Xposed Installer and tick mark on XPrivacy, HideMyRoot & RootClock App.

xposed module

  • Now open Hide my root and click on Hide su binary.
  • Make sure that status should come as “Success” message.

Hide my Root- screenshot

  • In the RootClock App Click on + button.
  • Then add / select ‘’ in this App.

   RootCloak Plus (Cydia)- screenshot

  • Now navigate Freecharge App in Xprivacy App.
  • Tick on “Shell” option and then Tick mark on Su and Sh on it.

freecharge xprivacy trick

  • Similarly Tick on “System” menu and Tick mark on “Get Installed Packages”.
  • Now Click on Top Right “Setting” button and click on “Randomize Now” button.

freecharge xprivacy randomize

  • Now click on Save icon present at top right corner.
  • Now Exit all Apps and finally open Freecharge App and Enjoy Looting.
  • Now you can use freecharge promo code again without any restriction / error message.

Freecharge Rooted Device Restriction Bypass

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