Check your Mobile Number using USSD Code

We all are so busy in our lives today that I think most of us didn’t knew our phone number till someone wanted it :p. I am sure we have been in such situations, that we have forgotten our mobile number or some who actually never knew it :P.

Nowadays, we all are so busy in social messaging platforms, that we never share our phone number and our phone numbers are automatically shared through the social messaging platforms.


I also remember, once I had gone to my hometown, I never shared my phone number with anyone verbally, and I wanted to recharge my mobile number, that’s the time I felt so embarrassed as I didn’t even knew my own mobile number and dint also know the USSD Code to find out.

But, we are very kind and don’t want anyone to get in such type of situations like me. So, today we will share with you USSD Codes to check your mobile number for all operators.

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How to check your mobile number using USSD Code?

1:  Open your Dial pad

2:  Dial the USSD Code for your operator given below

3: You will get your mobile number!

Check your Mobile Number using USSD Code-

Before, we start sharing the USSD Codes, we will be giving a list for all the operators whose USSD Code will be shared with you to check your mobile number. So, check out below to know more:-

1: Idea

2: Airtel



5: Telenor

6: Relaince

7:Tata Docomo

8: Aircel

9: Videocon

So, that’s the mobile operators list whose USSD Code we will be sharing with you to find out your mobile number. Check out the list below-

Check your Airtel Mobile Number-

Check Airtel Mobile Number

Have you forgotten your Airtel Mobile Number or never knew it :p? If yes, then you are at the right place, we will be presenting the all available USSD Codes for Airtel to check your mobile number. Check our the list-

1: *140*1600#

2: *282#

Check your Aircel Mobile Number-

Find Aircel Mobile Number

So you wanna know your Aircel Mobile number? We are very kind to all of you, so we will present the USSD Codes to check your Aircel Mobile number :p. So, keep reading to check out the list, it may save you from difficult situations like mine mentioned in the top paragraph.

  • *234*4#
  • *122*131#
  • *131#
  • *1#
  • *888#

Check your Idea Mobile Number-

Find Idea Mobile Number

So, finally we have landed to the operator whose known for its unique concept of ads that is Idea. This is a common used operator among the common people, so I am sure many who are reading this right now, don’t know their Idea Mobile Number. So, I will help you out by listing the USSD codes for Idea. So, keep reading to check our the list-

  • *147#
  • *131#
  • *1#
  • *100#
  • *131*1#
  • *789#

Check your BSNL Mobile Number-

Find BSNL Mobile Number

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) , the oldest and trusted mobile operator in India. So, If you are looking to find out mobile number for BSNL, then we are listing out the USSD Codes below. So, keep reading to check out the list-

  • *1#
  • *99#

Check your Reliance Mobile Number-

Find Relaince Mobile Number

Don’t know your Reliance mobile number? You may not know it, that’s why you are reading this. No problem, check out the list below for USSD Codes to check your Reliance Mobile Number.

  • *111#
  • *1#

Check your Tata Docomo Mobile Number-

Check Tata Docomo Mobile Number

Lost your Tata Docomo Mobile number from your head :p? If yes, then we are giving out 4 different USSD Codes to check your Tata Docomo Mobile Number, to avoid getting in any type of embarrassing or difficult situation, so keep reading to check out the list-

  • *580#
  • *1#
  • *124#
  • *888#

Check your Videocon Mobile Number-

Check Videocon Mobile Number

Want to check your Videocon Mobile Number? If yes, then keep reading to check out the list below for USSD Code to check your mobile number for Videocon operator.

  • *1#

Check your Telenor Mobile Number-

Check Telenor Mobile Number

We all know Uninor is changed to Telenor, but our number is not changed, but still we don’t remember it :p. Again, I will be kind to you and share the USSD Code to check out yours Telenor Mobile Number. So  keep reading to check out your Telenor Mobile Number.

  • *555#
  • *1#

Check your Vodafone Mobile Number-

Check Vodafone Mobile Number

Finally, to check your Vodafone Mobile Number , you can dial the below USSD Code. Just open your dial pad and enter the USSD Code, you will get your Vodafone Mobile Number.

  • *555#
  • *111*2#
  • *777*0#
  • *888#

So, thats the end of the post! We hope you liked reading the USSD Code list for different operators :p. We will try to keep updating this list from time to time, so you dont experience any problems, till then stay safe, and atleast remember the USSD Code for your operator to find out your mobile number if you cant remember your Mobile Number.

This is guest posted by Aman Tyagi.

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