Promo Codes, Airtel 4G Offer, Free Paytm Cash 2018
  1. Amit says

    Thank You so much Sir :)

  2. D. SUBBA RAO says

    How much time you will take to reply ?

    1. Abhishek Kumar says

      I contacted Freecharge on your behalf and this is their response :

      Sorry for the inconvenience. Please write to us at from the registered email ID for assistance. The transaction which you are referring to is failed and the amount will be auto refunded to your bank account within 5-7 bank working days. Appreciate your patience. Thanks.

  3. D. SUBBA RAO says

    Please reply to my above comment immediately.

  4. D. SUBBA RAO says

    I tried to use freecharge code for payment of electricity bill today@ 10.27 am. But the transaction went upto the level of bank payment and OTP received and OTP typed in the box. But the transaction seems to be not completed at freecharge level. I wonder how this happens. I never failed when a OTP is done.
    I want freecharge to reply immediately. I have given mail but no response. I doubt whether the freecharge is a fake ? Please reply to my email: Also contact me at my mobile 9966850476. Most peculiar thing is freecharge never gives a toll free number or a perfect email address. We the users cannot contact or give mail to redress their grievances. How to overcome this ? Please reply immediately

    1. sarvesh singh says

      Sir please contact freecharge facebook page and twitter they reply imedately

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