JioPhone Alternative: Buy Airtel 4G Mobile @ 2000 - 2500 Rs

JioPhone has recently being started shipping to the buyers and gained some popularity due to its simplicity and yet good features, Airtel is about to counter bid to this race of cheap 4G smartphones in India. Airtel 4G phone will be the best counter for Reliance JioPhone with a price of Rs. 2000 in India.

As you might be aware that AirTel has recently launched VoLTE in India being the second network provider to launch 4G VoLTE in India after Reliance Jio and this Airtel 4G smartphone will also support that feature too along with high speed premium Airtel 4G network.

how to get free airtel 4g sim

CEO of Airtel, Gopal Vittal stated that they have no intentions to subsidise this smartphone and they are working with multiple vendors to bundle this into one package, Airtel 4G phone. You might not even see the branding on Airtel 4G smartphone worth Rs. 2000

According to some reports, Airtel 4G phone will run on Android 7.0 Nougat update and 4 inch of display screen. It will come with 1GB of RAM and powered by Quad-Core processor.

This phone will have all basic features like FM radio to dual SIM support. Since this is an Android smartphone, hence you will be able to access all Android apps from Google Play Store like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc unlike JioPhone.

Airtel 4G Phone 2500 Rs

Airtel is collaborating with multiple smartphone manufacturers to bring a cheapest 4G smartphone under Rs 2,500, having a bigger screen, good camera and better battery performance as compared to JioPhone.

Moreover, Airtel is not going to handle the financial part of building this phone and that will be covered by the manufacturers only. Airtel is only going to provide benefits related to voice calls and data specific to this 4G VoLTE smartphone.

Now coming to the launch date of Airtel 4G smartphone, many news sources tells that it might be release in October month on the occasion of Diwali festival and will be available to purchase, register or book by the end of this year.

Airtel is going to release, Airtel 4G phone on Diwali with a estimated price range of Rs. 2000 to Rs. 2500 and customers will be able to book Airtel 4G VoLTE supported smartphone upon announcement. By the end of this year, Airtel will start shipping one of the cheapest 4G VoLTE smartphone having Android OS in India.

Airtel 4G Phone Offer

Now comes the booking part, so in order to book Airtel 4G phone you will have to either do it online or from Airtel certified shops. Below is the quick notes regarding Airtel 4G Phone Launch -

  • Pre-Order / Launch Date : 19th October 2017 (Rumoured to be released on Diwali)
  • Features : Android 7.0 Nougat (Hence all Android apps like Whatsapp will be supported)
  • Airtel 4G Mobile Phone Price in India: Rs. 2000 - Rs. 2500

Now here are some of the benefits of Airtel 4G Phone over JioPhone:

  1. You will be able to use Whatsapp unlike JioPhone. Not only that you can download any of your favorite Android app.
  2. It comes with Android OS which is far better than Kai OS from FireFox.
  3. It has bigger display screen size of 4 Inch.
  4. It comes with dual SIM support.
  5. Packed with 1GB of RAM.

Airtel 4G Mobile Specifications

Airtel 4G PhoneFeatures & Specifications
Display Screen4 Inch
OSAndroid 7.0 Nougat
Battery1500 mAh
SupportsWhatsapp, Facebook, etc
CallingVoLTE Support

So tell us what do you think about Airtel 4G phone? Do you think it will counter JioPhone in competition? Will you buy this over JioPhone? Type your views in comment section below.

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