Tech Tricks – How to remove shortcut virus using CMD


We all have faced the shortcut virus issue. The shortcut virus can come into your USB, Computer, SD Card, etc. If we want to transfer something important, many times we see that our files have turned into shortcut virus. Even if you have anti virus installed, there are chances and that it wont detect shortcut virus and you will suffer from it. At this point of time, we all tend to format our storage, which is not a good solution according to me, many people do this because they didn’t have any choice left and didn’t know the simple trick which we are going to tell today. We dont recommend formatting, but if you think you dont have much important data, then you can go for it. For easier method for removal of shortcut virus, read below steps-

How to remove shortcut virus using CMD?

(Note : We will be explaining it using Windows 7, so if you have other versions, you may comment down and we will help for that specific version.)

1) Type Windows Key + R, this would open up the run window or search for CMD and right click and select “Run  as Administrator”.

2) Type CMD in it and click on enter or Ok.

Run- window

3) Connect your Pen drive and go to Computer, and check out your pen drive location, remember the USB drive letter.

4) In CMD, type del *.lnk for removing the link files in directory.

5) Then type, attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter :\*.* and press enter, in this case we are taking drive as E.


CMD - Window

6) Boom! The shortcut virus is removed, you can now take copy of your files, format your pen drive and again copy back the files in it.

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  1. Deepanshu Tyagi says

    Lol….shortcut virus is not removed using this method…this command just arrange your all file in a new folder…each and every file wether its hidden or not

    1. Aman says

      This method is a common method and is working, you can check out from other sources too.

  2. pratham says

    window 8,1

    1. Aman says

      Well, in Windows 8.1 you can direct go to search and open CMD as administrator and try out rest of the trick.

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