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Hey Guys, Today we write about a Very Common Issue these days is Lost Mobile or Stolen Mobile . As You Knows many of You Lost your mobiles or you Know some one whose phone is stolen .This situation is Very Occurred because You have no way to recover it easily and you end up with disappointment of loosing Precious Mobile.(Updated)

So in This Article we come up with solution from this solutions You can Track Your stolen or lost Mobile and Recover By using Online Tracking .

Stolen Mobile is biggest Problems Now days .When our Phone is Lost not only we lost mobile But we lost lots of Personal Information and sensitive Data like Contact Numbers , Office Files ,Personal Images ,Private chats etc. So we have always concerned with our mobile that it will not lost .

But If Phone is Lost what will You Do ? .I have Seen many of my Friends they do't know about Mobile Inbuilt Tracking Systems and They ask me What i do to recover and Many of You still do't know How to Track it. So In this article we show You how You can Track Your Mobile online with Different methods .

Below we have Discussed 4 method to track Your Mobile online and recover Process.Just read Full article to Understand how you do it.

1- Track Mobile By Using Inbuilt Google's Android Device Manager :

Google's Android Device Manage is the easiest and Most successful Tracking method Yet . It is In build in every android device so it always track your Phone where your phone is

. As You know Every android Phone not runs until You  add your Gmail account in it .So as You link gmail to your phone Google's Android Device Manage is On and every Mobile.

Using Android Device Manager is the most effective and 100 % working and sure short method to find your Lost Mobile Phone.

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Today Mostly Mobile comes with Android Operating systems and If in Your Mobile android OS running Your device has inbuilt device manger software uploaded You have to simply use same email id which you sign in your Lost mobile Phone.

For tracking Android device Mangers search in Google Android device Manger or Go to This special Link Here it is asked to sign in with your gamil Id. From Here You can Login with Same email id which is in your Phone .

After successful Login You will see Your Android device latest Location with Time and Date .From Here You can Track Your Phone real Time and You can Use some Security Feature to Protect Your Phone Like

  • Ring stolen Sound Online
  • Lock Device Online
  • Erase phone data Online
  • Check Battery Percentage


From this features You can easily track and recover your phone.Just Go to shown Location and Use Play sound Function to identify which one have your Mobile and Recover it easily.

2 - Track using Google Maps Location History :

Google is Very smart Now they offering such tools which make you smarter In the case of Lost Phone you can use Google Maps location History to recover Your Phone .

It is also Known as Time Line Feature in Google Maps So How it is work it is very easy you have to do't do any thing Just one time you have to enable TimeLine Feature in Google Maps.

As You On this Your daily Routine is updated in Map automatically .It will record every steps of yours in Google map and told you where you Go when you Go and which medium You reach your destination day wise on Map .

You can use this Feature to track your Phone location that where Your phone is Traveling and you Get to know Exact location and Route .It helps You to recover Your Phone.

3- Using Inbuilt SAMSUNG SONY REDMI HTC Tracking Tools :

These days Every Mobile Device Manufacture Gives Tracking tools in his all devices like In SAMSUNG devices it comes with Find My Mobile In SONY it comes with My Xperia In Redmi Phone It comes with find My Phone etc .

To Track Your Phone You have To On this Tool in your Mobile .In Mostly Mobile when you first start your mobile it will ask to make device account and On this features.

As You On this Tool You have one another major Tool to track your Phone Online easily . It is effective way because some times who stole or Find your Phone they delete Google account so you can't track your phone using device manger But Manufactures Inbuilt device tracking tool you can easily track your Phone.

4- Using Third Party Device Tracking Software :

Using Third Party Tracking Software is very effective way to track and recover Here you have to Install some Third party tracking software which Gives you advanced tracking features and real time location of your device .

You have to just install these apps in your mobile and make account in this app. This apps comes with name Where My Droid , Lost Android , Prey Anti Theft apps in Play store.

When Your apps is lost or stolen just Go to these apps official sites and login with your id which you created on these apps an get to know real time location and advanced tracking features to recover your mobile .

One thing with these apps is that they need to active your GPS connection and Internet in your mobile to work and give data Accurately.

5- Track Mobile Using AntiVirus Android Apps :

AntiVirus is Good solution for Your Mobile because they give your Virus Protection ,Malware & Anti spam Protections to you phone which Protect Your phone from hacking and data theft .

Currently this feature comes in McAfee Antivirus & Security Kaspersky Mobile Security   Norton Mobile Security Lite Norton Mobile Security Lite AVG Etc.

Good Anti Virus comes with anti lost Features also which track lost mobile any time .Antivirus gives snap shot function in mobile when thief o your phone try to unlock your mobile pattern it will capture image via Front camera ad send it to you mail id with location From this you have both the things image of thief and location of your phone.So you can recover it easily.

So Guys I hope You Get pretty Good idea ho to recover and track your mobile online when it is lot or stolen .

We will ad more methods soon to give you better chance to track you mobile online. If this method not work then you have last option to go to nearest Police Station and Load FIR to recover Your phone .

It is tough and legal process so it takes time But if you are desperate about your mobile and data which is saved in your Mobile  then  you have only this option left .

If you Have any query or question about this topic then leave comment below we will try to give you answer Quickly.


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