Trick To Get Free Delivery On Flipkart Like Flipkart First Users

Flipkart is one of the top shopping sites in India with variety of products. Many of us are now days preferring online shopping to save our time and to get our requirements at cheaper cost. But many products have delivery charges to pay. Today we are sharing an awesome trick to buy products on Flipkart without delivery charges. But it is restricted to WS Retail only.

As you might know that WS Retail is the most trusted and best seller on Flipkart. Flipkart even have an offer for users in which you will get all product under Rs 500 at free delivery that is called as Flipkart First Subscription which costs you Rs 500 per year.

But by using our trick you will not be required to purchase that premium offer. You will get those benefits with our bypass trick.

Requirement For This Trick To Work:

  • Product must be sold by WS Retail.

Introduction To Bypass Delivery Charges:

  • First of all suppose you want to buy a headphone.
  • As you can see in above image, that delivery charge for this product is Rs. 40 and this product is sold by WS Retail.
  • Now after adding it to Cart the total amount we need to pay is Rs. 99 + Rs 40.

Trick To Bypass Delivery Charges:

  • Now add another product which makes the total Cart value above Rs. 500

Note: On Flipkart, if the product(s) you are buying under WS Retail values greater than Rs 500 then delivery charges are not applicable means it gets free.

  • Suppose we add any other product sold by WS Retail To Cart which makes the total cart value greater than Rs 500
  • As you can see that I have added another product sold by WS Retail which is making the total price greater than Rs 500 and hence you can see delivery charge changes to Rs 0 means Free.
  • Just place both the orders and after placing immediately cancel the second order.

By this way you can get the product without paying for delivery. :D

Earticleblog Members Rocks, Flipkart Shocks :v

Note: We are not responsible for any act done by you. This post is just for educational purpose. Flipkart will soon patch this bug.

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