UC Browser Loot : Install and Signup on UC Browser and Get Free Paytm Voucher Worth ₹175

UC Browser Paytm Voucher: Hello friends, UC is one of the largest and best mobile and pc browsers of all the time. They are continuously arranging new contests and giveaways. Earlier they had offered many free recharge & other great contests.

The same today they are offering, in which you can get some free paytm vouchers, you just need to download UC BROWSER for android from play store that is it. Now once you open UC browser then you’ll see “Paytm ₹25” banner, click on it and you’ll receive free paytm voucher.

Prizes for UC Browser Paytm Voucher :

  1. Paytm Recharge Coupon Worth Rs 25
  2. Shopping Voucher Worth Rs 50
  3. Movie Voucher Worth Rs 100

Steps to Get Free UC Browser Paytm Voucher:

  • Download UC Browser From Here : Click Here
  • Install it on your phone
  • Now if you open browser, you’ll see banners of “Paytm Vouchers”
  • Click on any of those and a pop up will appear on your screen
  • Collect your free paytm vouchers worth upto ₹175 one by one
  • If you are lucky you receive amazon vouchers instant an redeem it on amazon instant.

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1. General provisions

1.1. The Promotional Event is a part of an advertising campaign for the Organizer and is focused on growing awareness on its services, forming or maintaining public interest towards them and promoting them in the market.

1.2. The Event is not a lottery or other risk-based activity and does not itself aim at profit making and is conducted in accordance with these rules of conducting Promotional Event (the “Rules”).

1.3. The Rules include the information in relation to the Event and users can obtain additional information about the Organizer of the Event, the rules of the Event conducting, the quantity of awards following the Event, period, place and procedure for the receipt of awards by contacting the Organizer at the following email: help@idc.ucweb.com.

2. Territory of the Event

The Event takes place in India in the Internet for all India users of UC Browser.

3. Organizer of the Event:

The organizer of the Event is UCWeb Group of Companies (the “Organizer”).

4. Period and Terms and Conditions of the Event, procedure for picking the Winners

4.1. The Event will be held on every Wednesday.

4.2. Picking the Winner – picking the Winner randomly and automatically from the Participants. The Participant might receive a notification whether he/she is a Winner after clicking the button on the draw page or sharing the campaign page or doing other action according to the directions and rules set forth in the campaign page. The Winner means the Participant who has received a notification that he/she is a winner. The decision as to who is a Winner lies at the sole discretion of the Organizer and the said decision is final and binding on all Participants.

4.3. The Awards will be sent out to the Winners during the period.

4.4. All actions contemplated by these Rules are completed and recorded by the Organizer at the time of India Time. Any time specified in these Rules should be considered as time of India Time. Postponing or advancing might happen considering the network environment and the time difference, the final launching time depend on the actual situation and lies at the sole discretion of the Organizer and no disputes will be entertained in this regard.

5. Award fund

5.1. The Awards shall subject to the rules set forth in the event page. The quantity of the Awards is limited and only the Winners will receive the Awards.

5.2. One Participant cannot win the kind Award more than once.

5.3. Awards are not transferrable and cannot be exchanged, replaced and redeemed for cash when initially transferred to the Winners by the Organizer, unless otherwise agreed by the Organizer.

6. Procedure of storing of unclaimed Awards

Awards which have not been requested by the Winners are recognized as unclaimed and may be used by the Organizer at its discretion.

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  1. monu says

    I win 1000+1000+1000 =3000 rs voucher today

    1. teja says

      how i only got 20 that too once .tell me the trick bro.mail it to tsalt91@gmail.com if u are willing to share

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