Latest Update Of WhatsApp: Quick Switch Feature! Now You Can Instantly Change Voice & Video Calls

Hello, everyone we are back with a news of the latest update on Whatsapp. Yes, Whatsapp has got a new and the latest feature which is called Quick Switch feature. In this latest feature, you can instantly change voice call and video call. Isn't a great feature guy? For more details go through the full post.

From quite sometime Whatsapp is working on the conference call feature and Quick Switch feature. Now Finally, the WhatsApp messenger has released a new Quick Switch update via Google Play Beta Program the version 2.18.4.

Even, Facebook has also added a new Status feature like Instagram and Whatsapp. In this new Facebook feature, you can directly post your Instagram stories as Whatsapp Status

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Directly Switch Between Voice & Video Calls

This latest feature of Quick Switch is for Android. In this new feature, the user can switch between a video call and voice call at same time. This means, if the Whatsapp user is on Voice call then the user can change it to video call at the same time. The user will not have to disconnect the phone to change the voice call to video call or video call to voice call. The latest Quick Switch Feature is added to the 2.18.4 version for Android.

How To Use Quick Switch Feature?

At the time of a call, the user will get a new button on your display. Even when you are on video call you will be seeing the button. On pressing it, Whatsapp will send a request to the other person who is on call. The request will be asking the person to "Convert" the voice call to video call or video call to voice call.

Normally, if we are talking on Whatsapp voice call and we want to do a video call then we have to first end the voice call and then do a video call. But now, this new feature will save your time and will allow to just switch the call by just clicking the button.

Latest Update Of WhatsApp: Quick Switch Feature! Now You Can Instantly Change Voice & Video Calls

The other person can accept or cancel the request for a voice call from a video call. If the request is rejected then you can continue with your video call normally. If the user accepts the request then it will automatically switch the video cal a to a voice call.

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The Google Duo Copy?

The video calling app from Google, the Google Duo has the same feature. In the Google Duo, you can change video call to voice call instantly. Moreover, the app only changes video call to voice call if the network is poor.

One year back Google announced Duo, but still, it didn't grab the much of the market. And when it comes to video calls, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are still on the top list.

Whatsapp will now bring out the testing and other checks in beta version. Whatsapp will take a month to get the final version with the latest feature. But now, you can use the latest feature on Whatsapp Beta version. Both the user must have Beta version then only it will work.

WhatsApp will bring the new Quick Switch feature to iOS and Windows in the coming weeks. First Android user will first get the full version.

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WhatsApp is one of the apps which is almost used by everyone in the whole world. More than 1.5 billion people use WhatsApp. Only in India, there are over 200 million users.

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