Airtel udp trick working in pc and mobile with finch vpn [Free net Trick]

Hello guys im back wid a band new airtel trick which give good speed and as recent idea udp port has closed.but airtel was also recent closed but wid a trick .I have found a trick to open series 492** to get 3g speed

You can use free 3g in your PC using this trick.This trick will work  in zero balance and this trick need any data packs.Follow the below steps and you can enjoy unlimited 3g free internet.
                                 Image result for airtel 3g

Features of this trick:-

  • Unlimited downloading
  • 500-900 kpbs
  • No sim blocking 

Steps to follow:

  • Put yours airtel sim in mobile amd make them 0 Balnce.
  • Open default browser 
  • open this link
  • activate trial pack of fb or twitter.(up east people activate twitter or whatsapp pack)
  • then open your pc and connect ur modem.
  • open finch vpn and goto option 


  • Put 49203
  •  Then connect though 4343 port in finch vpn

See prove:-



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